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How To Get Rid of Rats

Discovering rats in your home or business can be very distressing. On top of the health risks, rats have also been known to cause fires by chewing through wiring. They can even gnaw through wood, plastics and mild steel. So if you have come across signs of rats such as rat droppings, scratching noises or an unpleasant urine smell, then expert rat treatments are the quickest and most effective way to help you get rid of rats from your home or business whilst providing a long term solution to remain rat free. Expert treatments can prevent damage to your property and protect against diseases spread by this rodent.

Identify Your Pest

Solutions can vary greatly depending on the species infesting your home or business. You need to be sure you have a rat problem and not a mouse infestation. Knowing the signs of a rat problem is just as critical as being able to correctly identify a visible rat. This is where a trained, professional pest controller can really help. Correct identification will help you to choose the most effective control method, helping to save you time, money and worry.

Don't know how to identify them? Don't worry! We provide a free callout and expert advice to help you avoid a larger infestation. Contact us today or call +35345850700 for immediate assitance.

Choose Your Method

DIY or Professional?

When it comes to getting rid of rats, you have two basic options: DIY or hire a professional.

The DIY option requires you to purchase and correctly use rat control products.

The professional option requires you to to hire a pest controller to get rid of the problem for you.

Take Action

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Rentokil's Service Benefits

Our professional rat control solutions provide safe and effective treatments for your home or business.

  • Thorough inspection of pest activity

  • Range of customisable, targeted treatments

  • Safe treatments for your family and pets

  • Scientifically tested solutions to ensure success

  • Expert prevention advice

FAQ About Rats

  • DIY Rat Control Options

    DIY rat control is not recommended.

    It may appear the cheaper option but the chances of a sub-standard control are greatly higher, incorrect pest identification treatment and/or ultimately additional professional services will make the over cost higher.

  • How To Get Rid Of Rats Quickly

    How to Get Rid of Rats Quickly

    A rat infestation in your home or business not only causes genuine health risks but also inspires real fear and stress. If you have never had rats before it is unlikely you will know exactly what action to take. Most people do not worry about a pest problem until it actually happens. But don’t worry, we deal with lots of rat infestations on a daily basis – so you are in safe hands.

    The quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats from your home or business is professional rat control. They are able to:

    1. Identify the source & extent of the infestation
    2. Recommend and implement targeted treatment and proofing solutions
    3. Safely get rid of rats from your home or business

    Do you think you have rats? Contact us today for immediate assistance.

  • Rat Treatment Prices

    With every rat infestations being different, and a range of factors which contribute to the price of pest control, it’s very difficult for us to provide you with an accurate price online. This requires our expert surveyors to fully understand your individual infestation in order for them to provide you with an accurate price for the most appropriate solution for your rat problem.

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  • Why Use Rentokil

    With Rentokil Pest Control, you can be assured of complete pest protection. Our focus on control solutions will ensure complete removal of your pest problem. At the same time, our approach to pest protection will help your home or business remain pest-free long-term.

    With over 85 years of experience serving pest control customers, our expertise in the industry should reassure you of the quality of our service and our expertly trained pest control technicians.

    • We provide free callout and free quote immediately
    • We tailor our products to target pests by species.
    • We customise our solutions based on the uniqueness of your home, building or business premises - recognising that every pest problem is different.
    • We use advanced solutions approved by industry governing bodies such as Bait StationAutogate or Rodent Odour Control - helping to ensure reliability and success.
    • Our large network of BPCA certified entomologists and field biologists support the services and products used by our technicians on-site.
    • Our customers rate us as "excellent" on Trustpilot

    If you have spotted signs of a rat infestation, such as droppings or an unpleasant urine smell, it is time to get professional treatment.

    Contact Rentokil today or call +35345850700 for fast, effective treatments to get rid of rats in your home or business.

How To Catch a Rat

Catching rats or mice is a difficult job. Rat traps alone will not be enough to control a serious or repeat infestation though. Only a professional rat control solution can guarantee complete removal of rats from your home or business. This will also help you avoid diseases transmitted directly from exposure to rat-infected feces, bites or urines and diseases indirectly transmitted to people such as fleas, ticks or mites.

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