How Do Rats Get In Your Home

How Do Rats Get In Your Home?

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How Do Rats Get In Your Home?

Rats are very hardworking species and they will always go the extra mile to try and infest your property. Their constant search for food, shelter and warmth during the colder months will always drive them into your home which provides them with all of these comforts.

If you feel like you have signs of a rat problem then it is important that you contact Rentokil Pest Control expert immediately to ensure that it does not become a full-blown infestation.

Top 5 Ways Rats Get Into Your Home

The following are the Top 5 Ways Rats Get Into Your Home:

  1. Via The Roof - Rodents are some of the best climbers out there in the nature and if you sometimes wonder the cause of rats in your attic, the reason is usually because of cracks and crevices in your roof. They can enter your home through these cracks and make their way to the rest of the property.
  2. Air Vents - Vents often tend to have openings wide enough for rats to squeeze and make their way into your home.
  3. Drain Pipes - Rats are wonderful swimmers and this helps them to survive in sewers and drains for long periods of time.
  4. Holes In Piping - Holes in new and existing pipes is another top spot for rats to enter your home.
  5. Basement - Opening and cracks in the basement give rats space to squeeze through inside your home and start infesting.
How Do Rats Get In Your Home

How To Avoid Rats From Entering Your Home?

Here are 7 ways to prevent rats from entering your home

  1. Doors – Fitting bristle (or brush) strips to the bottom of doors prevent entry,  especially in older properties where the door fit may not be snug.
  2. Pipework – Seal holes around existing or new pipes with coarse grade stainless steel wire wool and caulking (pliable sealant).
  3. Holes – These are often made in exterior walls for cables and pipes, check that old pipework holes are sealed too.
  4. Air Bricks and Vents – Cover these with fine galvanised wire mesh, especially if they are damaged.
  5. Eaves – Fix damaged roofing and use wire mesh to seal gaps.
  6. Vegetation – Trim tree branches back from the house and where possible avoid plants growing up the sides of your property. Vines, shrubs or overhanging branches can be used for mice to get onto roofs. Overgrown vegetation close to the walls will offer mice shelter and potential nesting sites.
  7. Lawns – Keep grass mown short to reduce shelter and seeds for food. Ideally, leave a gap between the building foundations and the garden.

Worried About Rats ?

If you think you have rats, it is important to act quickly to control the level of infestation and reduce the health risks posed by this rodent.

You can also take practical steps now to proof your home or business and prevent rats.

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