How dangerous are rats

How Dangerous Are Rats?

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How Dangerous Are Rats?

While they might look docile, rats are far from being harmless to be ignored. Not only can they cause a fair bit of damage to your home, property & office with their constant gnawing, but they can also cause some infectious diseases & serious health complications

Rodent borne diseases come in all shapes and sizes from bacteria-based illnesses such as salmonella to viruses such as hantavirus. These diseases are quite nasty and an inconvenient thing to contract. They are commonly transmitted by rats and mice, they can enter your home in search of food & shelter which will lead to an infestation.

Top 8 Diseases Caused By Rats

  1. Salmonella
  2. Typhoid
  3. Weil’s disease
  4. Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis
  5. Typhus
  6. Rat-bite fever
  7. Hantaviruses 
  8. Rat Tapeworm
Diseases caused by rats

How Can Rats Spread Diseases?

  • Direct Contact: You can catch these diseases by coming into direct contact with their urine, this can be by touching it or touching something that has been contaminated. 
  • Contaminated Food: This is contracted via contaminated food and water. This happens when a rat or mouse urinates on a food source or water supply. 
  • Contaminated Air: You can also catch a rodent-borne disease from inhaling dust that has been contaminated by their urine.
  • Open Wound: If you have an open wound or scratch, which isn’t properly dressed, then you could be at risk of catching an infection if your wound/scratch comes into contact with rodent urine.

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