Museums and Antiquities

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Museums and Antiquities

At Rentokil, we offer the expertise to protect and conserve antiquities from pest problems.

Using specialist products and techniques, we can ensure minimal risk of damage to even delicate items or relics in your museum, gallery or historic building.

Additionally we can offer protection to ancient and historic properties with treatments for wood damage caused by wood-boring insects.

Your Pest Threats

Antiquities, historic buildings and artefacts are vulnerable to a wide range of pest problems:

  • Artwork, books, textiles and other soft organic matter are vulnerable to moths, booklice and textile beetles.
  • Rodents will gnaw wood and other hard objects and will shred textiles and soft materials for nesting.
  • Furniture and other wooden objects are at risk from wood boring beetles.
  • Wooden church lecterns and pews are also very susceptible to wood damage and other timber decay problems.

PestConnect For Museums and Antiquities

Museums are often comprising of artefacts that can easy be damaged and destroyed due to a rodent infestation. PestConnect by Rentokil is an innovative digital pest management system, providing 24/7 monitoring, rapid response and effective elimination of rodent pests to make sure that your reputation is never compromised. Our Non-Toxic solutions are designed to prevent a rodent infestation and keep your staff and visitors safe from any form of rodent-borne diseases.

Our Service Benefits

  • BPCA certified technicians - have the expertise to handle valuable, fragile items.

  • Expert biologists and entomologists - support the treatments carried out on your site by our technicians.

  • Innovative, chemical-free treatments - we use specialist products against insect pests, which are suitable for even the most delicate items.

  • Multi-site support - we can deliver a consistent level of quality service across multiple premises.

Rentokil’s Professional Services

A key benefit of our service is the access we have to specialist treatments, particularly suitable for use against pest infestations on historical and valuable items.

Our chemical-free Entotherm and Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT) can be used to treat fragile and sensitive objects against insect pests.

Entotherm heat treatment works through the targeted application of dry heat. It can be applied to large areas or even whole buildings to deal with insect pests.

Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT) works by sealing objects/items in a bubble and filling this with an anaerobic atmosphere for fumigation of delicate objects.

Find out how we can help prevent pest problems in your museum, gallery or historic building. Call us to arrange a visit by a specialist surveyor.