Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing

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Flexi Armour Sustainable Rodent Proofing

The Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing Range is one of the most efficient solutions for rodent proofing to protect facilities both externally and internally. Flexi Armour proofing offers an impermeable barrier that prevents rats and mice from gaining access to your building.

Eliminating points of entry for mice and rats with Flexi Armour Proofing reduces the possible risk to your premises of rodent infestations. This also means that rodenticide use is greatly reduced to control the rodent population. This eco-friendly approach is in line with health & safety, food safety and CRRU (The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) regulations, introduced to negate the impact rodenticide can have on wildlife.

Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing Range

We offer a varied selection of efficient proofing solutions against rodent infestations to help safeguard your business premises:

Flexi Armour Dock Leveller Proofing whether it's for warehouses, supermarkets or distribution centres, our dock leveller proofing offers a highly efficient solution, Rentokil Flexi Armour Dock effectively seals gaps around dock levellers, crucial entry points for rodents in loading areas.

Flexi Armour Expansion Joint Proofing - This durable yet adaptable proofing method effectively seals off gaps found in expansion joints on floors and walls within spacious facilities, thwarting rodents from chewing through and gaining access to these empty spaces.

Flexi Armour Weep Vent Proofing – a knitted mesh that is robust yet breathable and offers a successful seal to weep holes or vents in brick to stop rodents gaining access through cavity walls. However, it does not disrupt drainage of any moisture and enables the cavity to be adequately ventilated.

Flexi Armour Ground Mesh – is a very corrosion resistant, strong and flexible mesh covering the ground that subtly stops rodents or other pests from making underground dens or safe shelters near your facility. By ground-proofing around the facility, you eliminate damage through tunnel excavation.

Flexi Armour Building Seal Mesh – is a flexible and very corrosion resistant galvanised stainless steel knitted mesh that can be quickly installed around the outside of cladded buildings as a complete blockage to rodents.

Cladded functional buildings like food manufacturing, warehouses and some retail locations frequently have gaps in between cladding and the brickwork. This allows possible access for rodents to the cladding and eventually into the building itself. Once Flexi Armour Rain Seal is installed, rodent access will be greatly reduced.

Flexi Armour Door Proofing – Exclusive to Rentokil, a Roller Loading Door Seal and a Pedestrian Door Seal that are flexible yet robust and an extremely efficient solution for rodent proofing door gaps, which helps remove easy access for rodents into your facility.


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Rodent damage and risks for businesses

Rodents, such as rats and mice, pose a continuous challenge to businesses. They seek food and shelter, leading to significant damage to buildings, equipment, and stock through constant gnawing, shredding, and fouling. Rats in particular tend to inhabit unsanitary areas, such as sewers, where they pick up pathogens which can then potentially be spread to clean areas of your building, leading to the contamination of surfaces. 

Moreover, rodents carry things like fleas, ticks, lice, and mites, which can carry infectious diseases and create additional public health concerns, including vomiting, skin irritations, and asthma.

The impact of a rodent infestation on health and safety within your premises can be severe. However, you can protect your business proactively by implementing Flexi Armour, a robust proofing solution that deters rodents effectively. Furthermore, by incorporating PestConnect, a digital pest management solution, you can achieve maximum protection with minimal disruption. This innovative system allows for 24/7 digital remote pest monitoring of your premises, providing immediate control of rodent pests.

Sustainable rodent proofing

The rise in rodent populations could be attributed to the changing climate, with warmer, wetter summers, and milder winters, leading to a decline in natural mortality rates for mice and rats. Additionally, reduced food waste during lockdown periods has driven hungry rodents to seek new sources of water, food, and shelter.

To address this issue, implementing sustainable and effective premises proofing measures is crucial in limiting rodents' access to shelter and food. By doing so, rodent populations can naturally decline, as their ability to find resources for offspring is reduced. The Rentokil Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing range stands out as the best and most sustainable system, allowing businesses to proactively prevent rodent infestations on their premises.

Rentokil technicians, well-trained and proficient in their work, will carefully assess your premises to identify any pest proofing issues. They will then efficiently carry out the necessary proofing work to the highest standards, ensuring all gaps and entry points for rodents are properly sealed.

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