Ecocatch sustainable external fly trap

EcoCatch Fly Trap

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EcoCatch Fly Trap

Your primary shield against the infiltration of flies into your business premises, EcoCatch stands as a sustainable external fly trap. This innovative solution offers non-toxic and adaptable control over various species of flies, including house flies, lesser house flies, blow flies, fruit flies, and more. Flies pose a significant risk as carriers of diseases like Salmonella and E. coli, which not only jeopardise your business reputation but also contaminate your goods and inventory.

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Exterior Fly Catcher

EcoCatch fly traps effectively decrease insect populations prior to their entry into your premises. Ideal for various outdoor business spaces such as hospitality venues, hotels, pubs, gardens, terraces, and waste areas, they significantly minimise fly numbers. When combined with Rentokil fly screen doors and window fly screens, EcoCatch contributes to lowering the likelihood of fly infestations on your property.

Safe and Sustainable Outdoor Fly Traps

These units offer a safe, efficient, and professional solution for managing 'public health flies' in outdoor settings. Additionally:

  • Sustainability -  Crafted from recycled plastics, these traps are eco-friendly and pose no risk of pesticide contamination.
  • Versatile Installation - With no need for electricity, they can be easily mounted on walls, hung, or placed on flat surfaces, making them suitable for various outdoor locations.
  • Superior Attraction - Utilising the 'contrast effect' and a non-toxic lure, EcoCatch maximises fly attraction while keeping them away from customers, ensuring effectiveness outdoors.
  • Discreet Security - Flies are captured within an inner container, keeping them out of sight, while a durable, lockable casing minimises damage and spillage risks.

Why do you need EcoCatch External Fly Traps?

Flies pose a significant threat to your business. If not addressed promptly, a fly infestation on your premises can lead to:

  • The spread of harmful pathogens and diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli.
  • Harm to your business's reputation.
  • Contamination of your products and inventory.
  • Inconvenience to your customers and employees.

Employing an efficient and adaptable external fly control solution, like EocCatch fly traps, is essential. This measure safeguards your business from the detrimental effects of public health flies.