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Rodents such as rats and mice are mammals that makeup about 41% of known mammal species. These creatures are found in abundance in Ireland and have been known to cause severe infestation to homes and businesses by multiplying quickly. Rodents are responsible for transmitting severe diseases to humans such as Hantavirus & Salmonellosis due to their unhygienic lifestyle and can also damage the property and reputation of Irish homes and businesses.

The two types of rodents that are prevalent in Ireland are rats and mice that are responsible for tormenting the community all year long.

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Are Rodents Dangerous To Humans?

Rodents are a danger to humans are they can easily transmit several diseases by cross-contamination of food or exposure to their urine and faecal matter. Rodents can transmit some severe and life-threatening illnesses to humans if they are not eliminated properly.
Some of the dangerous rodent-borne diseases are:

  1. Hantavirus - This disease is often found in the rodent droppings are urine and can be transmitted to humans when they come in contact with either of these substances. This is a respiratory illness can turn very serious in some cases and lead to death.
  2. Salmonella - This disease is one of the most common diseases associated with rodents and occurs mainly due to cross-contamination that happens when rodents go out looking for food in your home. When they come out to raid your cabinets and food supplies they often contaminate anything that they touch or nibble at.
  3. Rat-Bite Fever - This serious illness is caused by bacteria that is transmitted by rodents to humans in the form of urine or other bodily secretions which come from the mouth, nose and eyes of the infected rodent.

How Does Rentokil Get Rid Of Rodents?

Rentokil Pest Control Ireland has more than 90+ years of experience dealing with rodents in Ireland. As the experts in rodent control in the county, Rentokil has trained technicians that will ensure that the threat of rodents is eliminated from your home and business.

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Rodent Control Solutions For Business

Rodents are a significant threat to businesses in Ireland. These creatures can infest your property and damage it by gnawing on wires, cables, furniture etc. If your business is part of the hospitality and culinary sector, then these rodents can easily cause cross-contamination and spread diseases that can damage your brand reputation. Rentokil Pest Control Ireland has designed solutions that help businesses from all sectors and sizes to prevent rodents from causing damage.

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