Are mice dangerous?

Are Mice Dangerous?

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Are Mice Dangerous?

Mice are a universally known nuisance to homeowners because they destroy and damage property like wires, furnitures and walls. But are they dangerous to humans and a threat to their lives?

In a nutshell, mice are dangerous to humans and that is not necessarily because of their bites or scratches that humans may encounter. They pose a serious risk to humans because of the way they live and infest our homes. That is why it is very important to get rid of mice as soon as you see signs of an infestation.

Are Mice In The House Dangerous?

There are a number of serious illnesses that are associated with mice which spread through direct contact with the mice itself(mouse bites) or coming in contact with their faecal matter and urine samples. The most common way for mice to mark a new territory is by urinating and defecating all over the property. Mouse droppings are a very unhygienic situation for homeowners to be exposed to as it is often contaminated with several serious transmittable diseases.

  1. Hantavirus - This disease is often found in the mouse droppings are urine and can be transmitted to humans when they come in contact with either of these substances. This is a respiratory illness can turn very serious in some cases and lead to death.
  2. Salmonella - This disease is one of the most common diseases associated with mice and occurs mainly due to cross-contamination that happens when mice go out looking for food in your home. When they come out to raid your cabinets and food supplies they often contaminate anything that they touch or nibble at.
  3. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV) -  This rodent-borne viral infection is transmitted primarily through mice. Commonly transmitted after coming in contact with droppings and urine of the infected specimen. Common during winter months this infection can lead to serious neurological problems in humans.
  4. Lyme Disease - This serious health condition is not transmitted directly by mice but they have a major role in the spread of this disease. They are transmitted via ticks which mice often carry with them on their skin.
  5. Plague - The bubonic plague was one of the most lethal disease to ever hit humanity and mice had a role to play in the spread of this disease. The plague was originally caused by fleas that were carried around by rodents such as mice and rats.
diseases caused by mice

Getting Rid of Mice

It is natural to feel uncomfortable if you have mice, but there is no need to worry. This is a common problem that can be solved quickly. 

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