Facts About Rats That Will Blow Your Mind

Facts About Rats

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Facts About Rats

Rats are very interesting creatures and sometimes there are things about them that you may not be aware of. That is why Rentokil is presenting you with the Top 10 Amazing Facts About Rats that will blow your mind.

Rats can live in burrows up to three meters deep but when the first frost sets in and food becomes scarce they can be forced to leave their home and seek an alternative nesting site. If you have rats nesting nearby and there is an entry point to your home or premises, there is a real threat from a rodent invasion. Rats are well known to spread disease, damage property and contaminate food and animal feed. If rats are able to get into your home or business, they can introduce disease-carrying parasites like fleas, lice and ticks.  If you ever wondered how far a rat can travel, or how much food they need to eat, check out these interesting rat facts.

Top 10 Facts About Rats

  1. If a rat is trapped and released it can move up to four miles from the release point.
  2. A rat burrow can be three meters deep but is rarely more than 0.5 meters deep.
  3. Brown rats show a tendency to be negative geotaxis which means they prefer to move downwards as opposed to upwards.
  4. Black rats are superior climbers and can climb any slightly roughed surface up or down.
  5. Brown rats can jump vertically more than 77cm and 120cm horizontally.
  6. At one time 11-31% of all female rats are pregnant.
  7. Patterns of movement become so engrained in rats that when they get used to moving around an obstacle, if the obstacle is removed they will continue to move around it. Thus the correct siting of trap means they do not have to be baited but it is imperative they are placed directly on the run.
  8. Female rats can distinguish the sex of their offspring by smell.
  9. Rodents can live and breed in cold stores and have been known to nest in the fat layer of carcasses.
  10. Rats eat up to 10% of their body weight a day and cannot live without access to water.
Facts about rats

Worried About Rats ?

If you think you have rats, it is important to act quickly to control the level of infestation and reduce the health risks posed by this rodent.

You can also take practical steps now to proof your home or business and prevent rats.

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