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Signs of a Moth Infestation

The presence of moths in your home can be frustrating. Not just because of the damage they can cause, but it’s likely to be damage to clothes and fabric that you may have an emotional attachment to – nobody wants to find damage on their carefully stored wedding dress, or holes in a quilted throw handed down from a beloved grandmother. The damage these pests can cause to carpets, curtains and upholstery can also become very costly.

Rentokil Pest Control Ireland will answer some of the most common questions about moths:

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What Attracts Moths To Your House?

Thes are the top two most common reasons why moths are infesting your property. Ensure that your doors and windows are properly closed to avoid moths from entering your property in search of light, thus reducing your chances of infestation.

  1. Light Sources: Lights in and outside your house are what moths are most attracted to.
  2. Doors and Windows: Open doors and windows are responsible for moths entering your property.

Are Moths Dangerous?

Yes, moths are dangerous to both humans and pets but not directly as they do not bite humans but are responsible for the following issues.

  1. Cross-Contamination: Their faeces and cocoons can contaminate the food that can later be consumed by humans and pets.
  2. Allergic Reaction: Touching infested food or fabrics can trigger an allergic reaction in some individuals that can prove to be dangerous.
  3. Illness: Consuming contaminated food can cause illness to both humans and pets.

What Damage do Moths Cause?

FACT: Moths don’t actually eat fabric, their main purpose is to reproduce, it’s their larvae that do all the damage.

In Ireland there are 4 species of moth found in homes that can cause problems and these moths have differing preferences for materials, which means their larvae cause slightly different damage to fabrics and materials, for example:

  • Common clothes moth larvae cause irregular shaped holes in fabrics
  • Case bearing clothes moth larvae create smaller, more regular shaped holes in garments
  • Brown house moth larvae tend to prefer animal based materials like feathers and leather
  • White shouldered house moth larvae scavenge on a wide range of food, so are a little less damaging to textiles

The first thing most people notice is the damage caused to clothes, fabrics or carpets but there are other indicators of a moth infestation:

  • Small maggot like larvae (moth caterpillars).

  • Silken tubes or cases in which the moth larvae live.

  • Pupae (silk cocoons) from which larvae emerge as moths.

  • Adult moths often crawling rather than flying.

Another cause of carpet or fur damage can be fur or carpet beetles rather than moths. These textile beetles along with house moths are often referred to as textile pests.

FACT: Fear of moths is called Mottephobia.

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