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Prepare Your Business for COVID-19 Restrictions

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Prepare Your Business for COVID-19 Restrictions

The new restrictions that are coming into place in Ireland can cause a lot of uncertainty and confusion for businesses as they have to temporarily close operations as per the government guidelines. This means that they must consider keeping proper provisions in place till the time their business remains closed to avoid any damage that can happen in their absence.

What Are The Top Challenges For Closing Businesses?

  1. Pest Infestation - These new restrictions are being imposed as the winter approaches, this is a serious cause of concern for business owners as they have the threat of a possible rodent and flies infestation in their hands. Rodents such as rats and mice will be out looking for food and shelter to spend the winter months and there is a high possibility they will try to infest closed and undisturbed businesses. Flies will also be on the rise as the temperature goes down which and an empty building is a perfect opportunity for them.
  2. Supply Chain Disruption - Businesses that have a robust supply-chain operation will be impacted heavily as they would have to suddenly stop all operations and close their business temporarily. This will be causing serious supply chain issues and disrupt the entire business operations.
  3. Inventory Damage - Closing businesses will have to store a lot of inventory so that it can be used when they reopen. This increases the risk of inventory damage as the chances of rodent infestation will be high and these creatures are known to cause serious inventory damage if not checked properly.
  4. High Maintenance Costs - The cost of temporary closure is very high and unpredictable as businesses will have to bear the cost of rents, salaries, electricity etc and there is no guarantee when this will be over.

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How Can Your Business Prepare For New Restrictions?

The new restrictions will be posing a challenge for business owners as they need to temporarily close their premises to abide by the government guidelines. Since your business will be closed for the upcoming weeks, there is a high chance of threats such as pest infestations and the spread of diseases in your premises. It is very important for your business to have provisions in place to ensure no damage in incurred during your absence.

Pest Control and Disinfection Services For Temporarily Closing Businesses

Businesses that are closing due to the temporary restrictions must ensure that there are proper provisions in place to keep their premises safe during their absence. As mentioned above the most imminent threat to closing businesses in the winter is the threat of rodents and flies. Once precautions for these threats are in place business must ensure that their premises are completely disinfected from any possibility of a virus so that their staff and employee health is not compromised when they reopen. Our range of pest control and disinfection services are designed to protect your business from all types of threats.

Essential Hygiene Solutions For Temporarily Closing Businesses

Hygiene is the most important defence the world has against this pandemic and this holds true for temporarily closing businesses. To ensure that your security team or essential employees who will have to make routine visits are safe and following proper safety protocols, Initial Hygiene offers a range of products that are designed to make workplace hygiene simple and effective.

Initial is the leading provider of Washroom Hygiene, Healthcare Waste Management, Floor Mats, Vending, Washroom Supplies and Premium Scenting for your business reopening throughout Ireland. We offer single services or bespoke, integrated services.

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