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Lumnia Fly Control

Many fly species can transmit a multitude of pathogens, which can be a significant risk to health and have a negative impact on your business reputation. Rentokil's innovative Lumnia fly control units use LED technology and streamline modern design to effectively eliminate flies and protect your business reputation.

The impact flies can have on your business

Flies such as fruit flies, drain flies, blow flies and the ever present house flies are attracted to food odours from kitchens and food preparation areas.  With an easy supply of food and warm conditions flies can breed rapidly. They can pick up and transport contaminated filth on their bodies spreading pathogens such as Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and E. coli quickly contaminating clean surfaces and food.

Discreet, effective protection against fly infestations

Rentokil’s unique Lumnia fly control units have been designed and developed with innovative and patented LED technology to attract, eliminate and encapsulate flies effectively and hygienically. This significantly reduces the risks of contamination to food, surfaces and most importantly your customers.

Lumnia units use high attraction output LED strips that have lower glare and a more discreet, reduced visibility of caught flies in the unit. These high performing units have a modern seamless design that fits discreetly within your premises.

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These energy saving fly control units monitor the surrounding environment to automatically adapt power output from day to night to reduce energy consumption. The LED strips have at least a three-year life span and use considerably less energy than those in conventional fly killer units. In fact Lumnia fly control units provide an average of 61% energy savings over three years when compared to equivalent competitor.*

Benefits of Lumnia fly control units

  • Automatically adapts power output from day to night to reduce energy consumption
  • Energy mode can be adjusted between winter & summer settings to reduce energy consumption
  • LED strips use less energy than conventional fly killer units & are low glare
  • Effectively attracts, eliminates & encapsulates flies hygienically
  • Discreet design reduces the visibility of caught flies

Lumnia LED electric fly killers offer you and your customer’s peace of mind

*Energy consumption testing carried out by Rentokil Initial against equivalent competitor units.

Designed with safey in mind

The Lumnia fly control units are not only designed to effectively eliminate flying insects. Health & Safety has been a primary concern during development of Lumnia. The units have been designed with a sliding mechanism to allow safe access. This means that there is no requirement for using ladders when servicing the fly control units, an important H&S consideration in any business premise.

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