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Cockroach Services for Your Business

The presence of cockroaches in your premises or facilities can have a very serious impact on your business and brand reputation.

All businesses are at risk, but industries handling food and operating within highly regulated environments may face a greater danger from exposure to cockroaches.

Cockroaches will eat just about anything from leather, books, packaging to plastics, pictures and ordinary human food. This ability to cause damage can carry a high financial cost for your business.

Rentokil’s Cockroach Service Solutions

At Rentokil, we can help to protect your business from cockroaches with our range of effective, innovative solutions, including our chemical-free heat treatment.

Cockroach problems can negatively affect hygiene ratings for food businesses. Kitchen and dining areas face a considerable food contamination risk from this disease-spreading insect.

Our Service and Benefits

  • FREE survey and pest inspection - Of your business premises to highlight any existing issues and provide advice on areas of potential problems.

  • Surveyors and Technicians - Our team of highly-qualified, experienced and externally validated experts offer industry-specific, tailored solutions.

  • Minimum disruption - Our professional service offers discreet and effective solutions to solve any cockroach infestation quickly, efficiently and with as little disruption to your business as possible.

  • Chemical-free solutions - Suitable for even highly sensitive environments, our chemical-free ‘heat treatment’ can resolve cockroach problems effectively. The use of our Insect Monitor Unit can discreetly monitor sensitive locations within your premises and will indicate if insects are present.

  • Professional prevention advice - Our experienced technicians can recommend bespoke insect proofing options to prevent cockroaches.

Unsure if you have cockroaches?

You can look for some common signs around your premises to identify a need for professional treatment.

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