large flock of Kittiwake gulls nesting on narrow ledges of an urban bridge causing mess and damage with bird droppings (guano) and detritus

Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

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Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

Birds like pigeons, geese, gulls and starlings can negatively impact your business in several ways. They can be a health risk; particularly with their droppings which can spread diseases. They can damage infrastructure and be a general nuisance to you and your customers. Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring is an efficient solution devised to repel birds without injury. It operates 24/7 to protect your premises, diminish inhabitation and can be operated and monitored from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

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Nuisance birds

Nuisance birds can be deterred using simpler methods such as bird nets, spikes and bioacoustics, however several species show adaptive intelligence to render these methods unsustainable. When a flock of birds realise that a particular sound does not pose a real threat, they can rapidly become accustom to it, and return to roost or nest in that location.

The solution? An intelligent and adaptive scare device that effectively deters birds without harming them and helps prevent the risk of habituation.

The Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring system is frequently deployed in a wider overall IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system that can have Hawking (Birds of Prey) deterrent and other bird management solutions like netting and bird spikes.

Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring Solution

The bird scaring device has an on-board listening system which allows it to differentiate between species (it can recognise starlings, rooks, geese and gulls each by their individual sounds) and selects the most appropriate tool to deter them. To avoid flocks becoming used to the sounds, the device can adjust its intensity and order of the scaring tools and it can detect a flock within a 250-metre radius.

The system can be activated in a pattern whereby time of activation, volume and specific bird calls are all irregular. The sytem can be controlled and adjusted through the app, giving you freedom to adjust the system to however is most effective to your needs in order to best protect your premises.

Adding a solar charging panel to the Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring system can make it even more sustainable. You would then be able to optimise the system by placing it in the most appropriate position to deter nuisance birds as it will operate totally independently of any other power supply.

Benefits of Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

There are a wide variety of benefits to using the Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring system:

  • Humane solution - Adjustable and efficient audio technology allows you to deter nuisance birds without harming them.
  • Prevents habituation - Use of a vast collection of species-specific calls and extra deterrent tools available to target and scare birds.
  • Eco-friendly – The battery is built-in and can be recharged with the optional solar panel for even better sustainability..
  • Mobile app - Digital connection via a tablet or smartphone app ensures you can control and monitor the system with maximum efficiency, 24/7 -
  • User-specific – A massive library of species is recognisable and can be targeted with unique settings for sustained protection
  • Legislation - The system is approved and safe to use as an effective bird deterrent, demonstrating “all reasonable endeavour” is being used to deter nuisance birds.
  • Safety  - The app allows you to control the device remotely and eliminates any need to work at height to manage the nuisance birds.

An additional option available via myRentokil will provide a visual representation of the working unit, with trend analysis across single site or multisite locations and comparative analysis over varying time periods. This will help support auditing requirements.

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FAQs Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

  • When is the best time to install the bird scarer system?

    The Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scarer solution can installed on your premise whenever is most convenient for you However, for peak efficiency, installation (especially for gulls) is recommended before the birds breeding season in Spring (this is particuarly important for gulls). 


  • Can the device deter different birds at different times?

    The system can recognise different species and choses the most effective tool from its library to scare each of them. It can be flexible and make adjustments to stop inhabitation.

  • Which premises are suitable to be protected by the bird scarer?

    An array of businesses and locations are suitable to the Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scarer. The system can be particularly beneficial if your business has a large open roof space, where gulls like to nest. This could include schools, hospital buildings, warehouse roofing or large industrial buildings. The system is versatile and can be used at landfill or refuse sites, ports and airports.