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AutoGate Connect Internal Rodent Monitoring & Control

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Internal Dual AutoGate Connect (Intelligent Rodent Monitoring and Control)

Rodents are able to get inside your premises at all levels, through a broken drain or pipe, a window or door left open, loading dock or through holes in the roof.
It is essential for all businesses to protect their premises from rodent infestations. This can be done not just through exterior deterrents to stop mice and rats entering the building, but with internal solutions as well.
Catching a rodent problem as soon as possible is imperative and so consistent investigation is a vital part of indoor rodent management. The earlier the infestation is caught, the quicker measures can be made to eradicate it before damage is dealt to electrics, wiring, stock, food stuffs or other equipment or infrastructure.
Internet Dual AutoGate Connect enables detailed 24/7 monitoring of the rodent activity on your business premises. It records the amount of activations and the time since the last activation, giving you a thorough understanding of the activity levels of rats or mice. This important information can be rapidly analysed through myRentokil. This gives you and Rentokil critical insight into the magnitude of the problem and creates opportunities for smart decisions on the best and most specific plan of strategic internal baiting to eliminate the infestation as soon as possible.


Intelligent Intramural Rodent Monitoring

PestConnect customers can get an early warning with the Internal Dual AutoGate Connect system due to the monitoring system that is crafted for internal control against mouse and rat activity. The Internal AutoGate Connect system can survey, identify and react to the presence of rats and mice with changeable sensors that can be set to monitor ‘both rats and mice’ or ‘only rats’. This gives you great flexibility in guarding your business from rodent infestations.
The Internal AutoGate units have a ‘smart’ gate mechanism which secure pesticides and protect pets, children and non-target species from the sub-acute rodenticide inside, greatly reducing the risk of inadvertent poisonings. Being specifically activated by a rodent is the only way it will trigger. The strong outer casing guards the Internal Dual AutoGate from damage which enables them to be operated securely and safely inside business premises from factories to offices, warehouses, industrial spaces, food processing businesses and distribution centres.

Benefits of Internal Dual AutoGate (IDAG) Connect

  • IDAG Connect allows detailed 24/7 monitoring of rodent activity – gives critical insights on rodent activity through myRentokil, enabling informed decisions on quick, specifically targeted control.
  • Indoor rodent infestations controlled quickly – As Internal AutoGate Connect facilitates strategic interior baiting for rats and mice.

  • Highly targeted interior baiting programme - has a smaller impact on the environment (smaller chance of bait spillages).

  • Safer and more sustainable use of pesticides – Pesticide use is more sustainable and safer – Internal AutoGate Connect enables highly targeted and specific use of rodenticide in high risk areas, where children, pets and non-target species may be present in accordance with guidelines from the CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use).

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