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AutoGate Connect External Rodent Control

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Dual AutoGate Connect- Intelligent External Rodent Control

Dual AutoGate Connect is part of Rentokil's award winning digital PestConnect system, which includes RADAR Connect and Rat Riddance Connect - providing 24/7 pest monitoring via unique myRentokil, rapid response and immediate external protection for your business against rats and mice. The combination of these connected systems are tailored to your business to ensure you have the most effective, efficient, discreet and independent solution keeping watch over your premises day and night.

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Intelligent External Rodent Control

Dual AutoGate Connect is an innovative and flexible solution to control rodents in external areas, enabled by ‘intelligent’ technologies to provide protection and monitoring for your business from the risks of pest rodents. Able to target both rats and mice, Dual AutoGate Connect provides essential early detection, whilst ensuring legal compliance (under the EU product authorisations) and delivering immediate, targeted external protection against rat and mice infestations before they find entry to your premises. It is our unique and innovative solution that provides strategic external rodent baiting. 

The Autogate system operates a ‘smart’ gate mechanism - securing the rodenticide from being accessed by non-target species, until specifically activated (to open and expose the rodenticide) when a rodent has been detected. Dual AutoGate Connect is able to detect and respond to the presence of both mice and rats, having two differing sets of sensors which can be set to monitor 'only rats' or 'both rats and mice'. This offers far greater flexibility in protecting your business premise from rodents.

Benefits of Dual AutoGate Connect

  • Effective control of rats and mice - allows strategic, permanent external baiting using rodenticide
  • Rodent infestations controlled swiftly - as AutoGate enables swift and immediate rodenticide treatment
  • Targeted baiting programme - with reduced impact on the environment
  • Provides information on rodent activity - via myRentokil portal - driving informed decision making and aiding future control
  • Safer use of pesticides - AutoGate Dual Connect allows highly targeted use of rodenticide in high risk areas, where non-target species may be present inline with CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) guidelines.

Dual AutoGate Connect offers a complete and effective external rodent control solution to control rat and mice infestations swiftly. By also providing information on the frequency of rodent activity (via myRentokil) AutoGate Dual Connect aids informed decision making on future pest control and assists with third-party auditing.

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