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Rentokil Pestaurant at the National Ploughing Championships

To celebrate its pest control heritage and 80 years’ experience in providing professional pest control services throughout Ireland, Rentokil will unveil a ‘Pop-Up Pestaurant’ at the National Ploughing Championship this September 23rd to 25th at Ratheniska, Stradbally, Co Laois.

Rentokil Pestaurant - roasted cricket for lunch Over the three day event, which is the pinnacle of the Irish agriculture calendar, Rentokil will be serving up an array of exotic cuisine including edible insects such as BBQ mealworms, Salt & Vinegar Crickets and Chocolate-dipped mixed bugs to celebrate the hard work that goes into keeping Irish pests under control.

 The UN’s Food & Agriculture Organisation have tipped insects as a potentially valuable source of food for the world’s rapidly growing population.

Farmers may be interested to hear how insects also have a high ‘feed conversion rate’, meaning that they can be farmed using relatively little land, water and energy compared to livestock.  Many insects are rich in protein, zinc, calcium and iron whilst also being low in fat.

Food at the #pestaurant will be free to all, and a number of Rentokil experts will be on-hand to discuss the food being served, answer any pest-related questions from members of the public and pass on their top tips for avoiding pest problems. Today Rentokil is the largest and most trusted provider of pest control services in Ireland.

National Ploughing Championships

Pestaurant bug lollipops Michael O’ Mahoney, MD Rentokil Initial Ireland, said: “The Pestaurant is all about celebrating the hard work that goes into keeping Ireland’s pests under control. Common Irish pests like wasps, mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and pigeons can become problems for anyone, and can affect both the farming community and commercial and residential properties. Much like the rest of us, they are focused on looking for food and shelter. Once they find a good supply of food and an environment where they feel safe, then they will happily set-up home indefinitely. The pestaurant is here to raise awareness of common pest issues and demonstrate our commitment to keeping up the heat on Ireland’s pests.”

All of the edible insects are properly sourced and are nut-free and gluten free. However, some insects have been known to provide reactions among those who are allergic to shellfish and crustaceans, so people who suffer from this allergy are advised not to sample edible insects.

Five Foodie Facts about edible insects:

  • According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, over two billion people worldwide already supplement their diet with insects
  • 100g of crickets contains just 121 calories, compared to 288 calories in the same amount of beef
  • Common house crickets contain four times as much protein as the same weight of chicken
  • Cattle require twelve times more feed to produce the same amount of protein as crickets
  • The correct term for eating insects is ‘entomophagy’

Many insects contain substantial levels of macro-minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride.  They are also good sources of the trace minerals of iron, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.

Pestaurant Menu in full:


  • - Salt and vinegar crickets
  • - Crispy BBQ mealworms
  • - Plain roasted locusts
  • - Plain roasted mealworms
  • - Plain roasted crickets
  • - Mexican spice mealworms
  • - Curry crickets


  • - Chocolate-covered mixed bugs
  • - Chocolate bug bars
  • - Scorpion lollipops (assorted flavours)
  • - Mealworm lollipops (assorted flavours)
  • - Cricket lollipops (assorted flavours)
  • - Ant candy (Cherry and Apple flavours)