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Ants go marching one by one

Rentokil has experienced a dramatic spike in calls relating to ants over the past month and are warning homes and businesses to be vigilant in protecting against ant infestations. Last year Rentokil experienced a 20% spike in callouts compared to the previous year and numbers are predicted to rise again in 2013.

Ants in Ireland

Irish black garden ants usually begin foraging as early as January, but become very obvious during their nuptial flight (they mate on the wing). Callouts this year have greatly increased compared to the same period last year; this could be down to external factors such as weather.

Ants don’t always stay outdoors, nests can be found in a number of locations in and around the home, such as in cavity walls, under flag stones and patios.

Dr Colm Moore, Technical Manager at Rentokil has the following tips for preventing ant infestations, “The majority of black garden ants will only come in to your home to forage for food and are attracted by sweet and sticky substances. Take the following precautions to keep your home ant free:

  • Clear away food and liquid spillages immediately
  • Clean food debris from under kitchen appliances
  • Make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids
  • Clear away your pet’s food after eating
  • Seal access points such as cracks and crevices in door and window frames
  • Always cover food, you don’t know where the ant has been before it crawls across your food!”

Three Ant Myths Busted

Boiling Water Gets Rid of Ant.

This only provides a temporary solution as the main nest is usually too deep for such a remedy to work effectively.

Vinegar kills ants.

Vinegar doesn’t kill ants. However, it can remove the trace of ants to confuse ants about where to go to find the rest of their colony.

Feeding ants grains will cause them to explode.

Ants don’t eat solid food, so while they may carry grains of rice or wheat back to their colony, ants will not explode by eating them.

Rentokil’s team of experts are experienced and skilled in getting rid of ants. Using effective insecticides the service technicians will quickly get rid of ant problems in your home, while offering the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

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