Pest control for food retail

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Food retail

The food retail sector is the most important part of the food chain from a consumer safety point of view as it is the last step before food reaches the consumer. It therefore has the greatest responsibility for ensuring food safety, traceability and consumer information.

The food retail sector here includes grocery stores and supermarkets, where food is offered for off-site consumption.

Businesses can range in size from a small street corner store to a large hypermarket chain with a multinational presence employing tens of thousands of workers and having complex supply and distribution operations.


General food safety requirements for retail stores

The key obligations for food operators is to ensure correct food safety & hygiene practices

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Tools for your Business

Our global reach will help protect your business by providing quality solutions at every stage of today’s complex, global supply chain.

Let our pest control solutions and innovation support the need for risk mitigation and accurate record keeping to enable us to protect your operation and brand reputation.

Integrated pest management

IPM for food safety uses a five-stage preventive approach to pest control

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Insights & Innovation

Top pests in food retail

A look at the core pest challenges facing retailers, including grocers, supermarkets

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Consumer protection

Food retailers have a duty to not only ensure food is safe but also to provide accurate information to consumers

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The journey to food safety compliance

Achieve food safety compliance with Integrated Pest Management

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Commercial pest control

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