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Flexi Armour Expansion Joint Proofing

Rentokil Flexi Armour Expansion presents an innovative approach to rodent proofing by effectively sealing expansion joints within your premises. Its adaptability allows for fitting into various sizes and types of expansion joints. This solution features a durable, flexible knitted stainless steel mesh, paired with Rentokil's exclusive self-leveling compound, effectively deterring rodents from gnawing through and gaining access to void spaces.

This innovative rodent-proofing solution enables expansion joints to flex naturally as they should with thermal expansion and contraction, while effectively blocking rodents from accessing these spaces. By sealing these gaps, Flexi Armour Expansion proofing also thwarts pests from utilising them as pathways to move discreetly around buildings in search of food and shelter.

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The Expansion Joint Problem Rodents Exploit

In various industrial settings such as warehouses, food production plants, supermarkets, factories, and retail and distribution centers, expansive floor joints serve a critical purpose by accommodating thermal expansion and contraction cycles, thus preventing floor damage.

However, when these expansion joints develop gaps, they can become ideal hiding spots for rodents. Accumulated debris in these crevices provides rats and mice with both food and nesting materials. Additionally, these gaps act as 'Super Highways' for rodents, allowing them to move around the building undetected, potentially spreading infestations and causing damage to property, stock, and cabling. Moreover, other pests like cockroaches and flies may also exploit these gaps for shelter, posing further challenges.

The economic repercussions of such infestations, including disruptions, downtime, and damage to reputation, can be substantial for businesses.

Business Benefits of Proofing with Flexi Armour Expansion

Rentokil Flexi Armour Expansion proofing incorporates a resilient blend of flexible knitted steel mesh and a self-leveling, durable epoxy resin (exclusive to Rentokil). This sustainable solution effectively closes gaps in expansion joints on both floors and walls, thwarting rodents from exploiting these hidden pathways within your facility. By maintaining flexibility to accommodate joint expansion and contraction while offering robust resistance to rodent gnawing, Flexi Armour Expansion ensures thorough protection.

  • Rodent Barrier: The fusion of knitted stainless steel mesh and our proprietary epoxy resin forms a flexible yet resilient barrier, deterring rodents from chewing through and exploiting expansion gaps.
  • Targeted Rodent Proofing: By preemptively blocking rodent entry into these vulnerable areas and eliminating nesting opportunities, you mitigate the risk of pest activity and restrict potential infestation spread within your premises.
  • Audit Compliance: Addressing expansion joint gaps bolsters audit compliance efforts by proactively mitigating internal rodent activity risks. Consequently, this reduces the necessity for rodenticide use within your facility by limiting rodent access.
  • Minimal Business Disruption: Installation of proofing is promptly executed by Rentokil technicians, ensuring adherence to the highest standards while minimizing operational disruption to your business.

Sustainable, Durable Rodent Proofing

Utilising Flexi Armour to proof expansion joints proves instrumental in reducing rodent activity within your establishment. This method acts as a deterrent for rats, mice, and other pests, thwarting their attempts to exploit gaps and infiltrate your premises, thereby eliminating their chance to seek shelter or forage in these concealed areas.

Through the thorough sealing of all expansion joint gaps via this resilient and eco-friendly approach, the necessity for rodenticide employment within your facility diminishes significantly. Moreover, this proactive measure aids in maintaining compliance with audits by mitigating the risks linked with internal rodent presence.

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