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Flexi Armour Dock Proofing

Rentokil Flexi Armour Dock offers an efficient solution for sealing gaps around dock levellers, which serve as primary entry points for rodents. This system creates a robust barrier, effectively blocking mice and rats from infiltrating your facility through loading bays.

Utilising Flexi Armour Dock for rodent proofing presents a sustainable approach, as it is non-toxic and aids in preventing rodent infestations within your premises.

By implementing Flexi Armour Dock to seal off potential entry points for rodents around dock levellers, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of rodent infestations at your premises, giving you peace of mind and reducing the necessity for rodenticide usage.

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The Dock Leveller Problem

When goods are being loaded or unloaded at facilities such as warehouses, supermarkets, grocery stores, pet stores, food processing plants, or distribution centers, the height of the trucks, vans, or lorries may vary. To accommodate this, an adjustable dock leveller platform is utilised in the loading area to match the floor to the correct height. Typically integrated into the floor, this platform or plate contains small gaps around its edges to facilitate adjustment.

These little openings around dock levellers serve as entry points for rodents (both rats and mice) seeking food and shelter. Additionally, the spaces beneath dock levellers can become ideal hiding spots for mice, as the accumulation of debris in these areas provides materials ideal for nesting. Properly sealing these gaps is therefore crucial for minimising the potential for rodent activity within your premises and preventing damage to stored products and inventory.

Business Benefits of Proofing with Flexi Armour Dock

Rentokil's innovative Flexi Armour Dock serves as a primary defense mechanism against rodents infiltrating your premises. This eco-friendly and non-toxic solution for dock levellers not only effectively deters pests but also acts as a formidable barrier against dirt, debris, wind, and rain, safeguarding your facility. Additionally, it aids in containing light and odors within your premises while curbing energy loss.

  • Rodent Deterrence: The unique combination of Kevlar and steel mesh, exclusive to Rentokil, offers flexibility alongside robustness, effectively preventing rodents from creating entry points through gnawing.
  • Minimal Disruption: Expert installation by Rentokil technicians ensures swift implementation with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Flexi Armour Dock, a distinctive offering from Rentokil Pest Control, combines Kevlar and knitted steel mesh, providing flexibility to accommodate variations in dock leveller size, height, and movement frequency, while effectively thwarting rodent activity and gnawing.

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