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Flexi Armour Rodent Proofing

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Flexi Armour Dock

Rentokil Flexi Armour Dock is a highly effective proofing solution to eliminate gaps around dock levellers – which are a major entry point for rodents. Providing an impenetrable barrier, it prevents mice and rats entering you facility via loading bays.

This is the most advanced proofing solution for closing the gaps around dock levellers, which are a major entry point for rodents. It’s made from hard wearing Kevlar and steel mesh, making it twice as hard for rodents to graw through. Alongside this, the softer proofing material fills up the gaps and allows for dock-leveller movement.

Rentokil's recent analysis of data from our PestConnect technology reveals that approximately 30% of infestations originate from the loading areas of warehouses, supermarkets and distribution centres. Proofing these gaps is essential to minimise the risk of rodent activity inside your buildings.

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The Dock Leveller Problem

Dock levellers are a convenient and fast way of loading and unloading freight from vehicles, but gaps around them offer pests an entry point into your facilities, increasing the risk of pest infestations in your logistics chain. These gaps also allow food and other waste material to drop down into the dock, which provide rodents with ideal feeding and nesting material.

Business Benefits of Flexi Armour Dock

Rentokil's Flexi Armour Dock, advanced proofing solution is the best defence against rodents entering your premises. This sustainable, non-toxic proofing for dock levellers provides a highly effective deterrent to pests, as well as a physical barrier to dirt, debris, wind and rain penetrating your facility. The proofing can also assist in reducing light and odours from escaping and support in the reduction of energy loss from the premises.

  • Flexible Solution: A versatile solution that can be fitted to docks of different sizes.
  • Easy to install: Innovative, strong, magnetic design makes it easy to install, service and clean.
  • Helps prevent infestations: Reduces the risk of rodents accessing the building from external areas of your site.
  • Safe and hygienic: Doesn’t impede the operation of the dock leveller and is easy to maintain.

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