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How To Identify Silverfish

(Lepisma saccharina)


  • Silvery-blue or grey in colour.
  • Tapered, tail-like appearance.
  • Wingless, with 2 slender antennae.
  • These teardrop -shaped insects measure up to 10 โ€“ 12 mm in length.

Life Cycle

  • Silverfish reproduction habits vary by species โ€“ some species laying a few eggs a day and others laying clusters of 2 โ€“ 20 eggs on a daily basis.


  • Silverfish eggs are commonly hidden in tiny cracks or crevices, making them extremely difficult to locate.
  • Silverfish prefer warm, humid places such as bathrooms and kitchens and are especially attracted to paper and damp clothing.
  • Feed on carbohydrates, especially sugars and starches.