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How To Get Rid of Mice

Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

Mice can cause all sorts of problems in your home; they commonly cause lots of damage to walls, wiring, and furniture, and they can carry some serious diseases – so it’s important to get rid of mice as soon as possible.

At Rentokil Pest Control we are experts in getting rid of mice and helping you to prevent further mice infestations.

We offer you a convenient mice service with:

  • Fast and effective home call out service to get rid of mice.
  • Peace of mind - we’ll make as many visits as needed to ensure the mouse problem is completely resolved.
  • Expert advice - to help you prevent future mice infestations.
  • Safe pest control techniques using the latest equipment – you don’t need to worry about the safety of children or pets.

Call Rentokil Pest Control on 1890 666 444 for more advice on how to get rid of mice or to arrange a visit by a pest control technician.

As prevention is better than cure, Rentokil has compiled a list of facts and tips to help you keep your home free of mice.
If you already have a mouse problem and found DIY products aren’t completely reliable at catching mice, then you need to call a professional - Contact Rentokil Pest Control for advice.

How to Get Rid of Mice

You might think mice are fairly harmless – and many people believe that rats are a bigger problem – but actually mice are much more common and cause a lot more damage.
Because mice breed rapidly and continuously, a small problem can turn into a big problem very quickly, so getting rid of mice should be a priority.
The dangers of mice in your home:

  • Mice are unsanitary and mouse droppings have been identified as potential asthma triggers in children.
  • Mice will contaminate food and other materials through the droppings they leave behind – causing waste and spreading bacteria that can cause food poisoning.
  • Mice can multiply quickly and will do significant damage to your home and furniture through their gnawing activities.
  • Not only are mice destructive they have even been implicated in causing house fires after chewing through electrical cables.

Between the potential health issues, having to replace ruined food, clothing, books, and many other common household items, and possibly having to repair walls and fittings, you will definitely want to get rid of mice straight away.

Signs of Mice – Do You Have a Mice Infestation?

Generally mice won’t be seen during the day as they are nocturnal – so quite often a homeowner is more likely to see the evidence they leave behind rather than the mice themselves.
The typical signs of a mouse problem are:

  • Mouse Droppings – mice leave small, dark droppings particularly along walls, in cupboards or under sinks.
  • Dirty Smudges on floors or skirting board. Mice tend to run alongside walls as they don’t have great eyesight. You might also notice small patches of urine.
  • Distinctive Smell – mice leave an ammonia-like smell that will be particularly strong in more enclosed areas such as in cupboards.
  • Damage – mice have teeth that grow continuously and will gnaw on wood, plastic, cables and other hard materials to keep their teeth shorter. They will also steal softer materials for nesting.
  • Scratching Noises - in the walls or ceilings as mice scurry around, or mice in attics. You might also hear them squeaking or gnawing.
  • Nests – mice build nests with shredded material such as newspaper and fabrics. These will tend to be in hidden places such as behind fridges. Nests will often contain young mice.
  • To check if you’ve got a mice infestation, lay some talcum powder or plain flour along the edge of the floor by the walls or on surfaces close to where you think the nest might be. You’ll notice tracks in the powder within a few days if the nest is close.
  • If you can hear mouse activity in the walls this can be a good indicator of where the nest is; mice tend to stay as close to the nest as possible even when foraging for food.

Identifying Your Mouse Guests – Types of Mice

It’s helpful to know which species of mouse has invaded your house. Your Rentokil Pest Control technician will try to establish this as part of the mouse service – call 1890 666 444 for help & information.

Comparison of common mouse characteristics:

  • Head and feet are proportional to the body in House mice. Image of House Mouse (Mus domesticus) | Rentokil Pest Control Ireland
  • A House mouse’s tail is as long as head and body combined, while a Field mouse has a long tail and Meadow mice have short, furry tails.
  • Back, feet, and belly are all the same color in House mice; other species have a dark coat on their backs with a while or silver underside.
  • House mice have flat upper incisors; Harvest mice have grooved upper incisors.

How to Mouse Proof Your Home – Preventing Mice

Mice like to live where there’s warmth, quiet, and a source of food.

  • Don’t let mice in - The first line of defense against mice is to seal your home. Any holes that are larger than a quarter of an inch will allow mice to gain access – they can squeeze through incredibly small gaps, and will quickly chew through all sorts of materials to create larger openings. Therefore it is important to seal all openings with steel wool or caulk (not wood, plastic, or expanding foam that they can gnaw through!).
  • Remove sources of food - Be careful not to attract mice with food – where possible, store food in glass or metal containers. Regularly clean under stoves, refrigerators and cupboards. Keep your trash in a strong bin with a lid. If you have pets, keep their food area tidy.
  • Cleanliness is good - Cleanliness in general will help – keeping clutter to a minimum will reduce the options for nesting sites, and while good sanitation won’t get rid of mice in itself, dirty and messy areas can attract mice.

Getting Rid of Mice Professionally

Although many homeowners struggle with DIY mouse products, like mouse traps, the results are often less than satisfactory. Small problems can develop into large ones all too quickly and this is when you need to seek out the services of a pest control professional.

Rentokil Pest Control technicians are skilled, experienced professionals – they understand the habits of each species and use that knowledge to get rid of mice in your home effectively.

Rentokil offers a home call-out service to get rid of mice and other pest problems. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

Call Rentokil Pest Control on 1890 666 444 for further advice on how to get rid of mice or to arrange a visit by a Rentokil technician.