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RTE’s The Verminators: Reality Bites

Things Are About To Get A Little Pesty….

RTE’s new documentary, The Vemintators follow some of Rentokil Pest Control Ireland’s Experts as they rid Irish homes and businesses of nasty invaders. There is every conceivable pest from scurrying rats and mice to cockroaches and itchy bedbugs.

For the first time ever we have allowed cameras to follow our expert Pest Control Operatives as they work in the field.

Tracking Rentokil Ireland’s daily operations, The Verminators, looks at Ireland’s Pest Infestation Problems and how they’re dealt with through the activities of their on-the-ground Vermination teams.  

The show also follows The Verminators’ on-the-job training at the ‘Rat Farm’, where all trainees go to study the specifics of rat behavior by getting down and dirty with the rat packs in their own natural habitat.

Check out The Verminators on RTE 2 on Wednesday the 29th of April at 9pm.

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